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Recycling Links

Agencies and organizations

US EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
(provides policy, guidance, direction for emergency response and waste programs; A-Z topics).

Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
Hazardous waste, including recyclingcorrective action (cleanups) and household hazardous waste Municipal solid waste and recycling Resource Conservation Challenge  Plug-In To eCycling WasteWise Partnership Product Stewardship Waste and Cleanup Risk Assessment Waste(s)

US EPA Waste Info Resources
Glossary Hazardous Waste Data Municipal Solid Waste Facts and Figures Newsroom Publications RCRA Online Waste Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Recycling information:  Benefits of Recycling Tools for Recycling Programs Recycling Program Models Waste Reduction Resources Public Outreach Teachers

State programs links

Ohio EPA Div. of Materials and Waste Management
(recently created by combining two divisions; two previous websites have not been fully merged; some DMWM topics link to the two; also, ODNR’s Div. of Recycling & Litter Prevention is being transfer here)
(implements solid waste, recycling, infectious waste, hazardous waste, construction and demolition debris programs; research/emerging concepts and technologies associated with resource conservation, materials management, sustainability; oversees state/local planning for solid waste management; State Solid Waste Management Plan)

Ohio DNR Div. of Recycling and Litter Prevention  
(all things recycling; being transferred to Ohio EPA DMWM)

Organization of Solid Waste Districts in Ohio
(organizational affiliate of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio; serves for networking,  exchange best practices on solid waste management/recycling, information resource; links to 52 local solid waste districts/websites)

Association of Ohio Recyclers
(promotes waste reduction, reuse, recycling, solid waste management practices incorporating source separation and recycling of marketable materials; diverse private/public members; conferences/ed)

Organics Recycling Association of Ohio
(encourages study, research, advancement, development  of composting and organic recycling through professionalism, education, training, information exchange,  networking of industry/regulating agencies) 

Solid Waste Association of North America, Buckeye Chapter
(Education, >communications, creating effective solutions for waste management professionals; training; jobs)

Ohio Association of Recycling and Litter Prevention Professionals
(dedicated to professional development by providing leadership, training, networking opportunities)

Keep America Beautiful Ohio
(fosters education, individual responsibility, partnerships, volunteer action for litter prevention, waste/reduction/recycling, community beautification; tools/resources: public, business, teachers; links to >30 local affiliate chapters; Keep America Beautiful link/50 states: Get Local: Find Your KAB Affiliate Great American Cleanup sponsor)

Center for Resilience, Ohio State University
(an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to improving resilience of industrial systems and the environments in which they operate: short-term risk management and long-term sustainability are two ends of the enterprise resilience continuum; originated by-product synergy  (B2B recycling) Ohio project) 

National Recycling Coalition
(professional organization spanning all aspects of waste reduction, reuse and recycling (local recycling coordinators, state and federal regulators, corporate environmental managers, environmental educators, consumers and waste management professionals); tools/resources)

An Association of Responsible Recyclers
(represents > 285 companies involved in responsibly recycling used oil and related materials; resources/links)

Automotive Recyclers Association
(international trade association dedicated to efficient removal/reuse of automotive parts and safe disposal of inoperable motor vehicles; searchable “Find a Recycler”)

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
(trade association US/worldwide for wide range of ferrous/non-ferrous materials; Recycling Research Foundation; created/implements Recycling Industry Operating Standards certification program) 

National Center for Electronics Recycling
(WV-based; development/enhancement of national infrastructure for recycling used electronics; links to 3 searchable electronics recycling directories)

Association of Post Consumer Plastics Recyclers 
(trade association for companies who acquire, reprocess, sell output of >90% post-consumer plastic processing capacity in North America; tech resources; market development)

Municipal Waste Management Association
(environmental affiliate of US Conference of Mayors; assists municipal solid waste directors, environmental commissioners, public works professionals; impact policy, share best practices, promote operational efficiencies, provide innovation; business council)

Zero Waste Alliance
(organization building industry/community capacity to create prosperous future without waste; market development, facilitation/services, research/education)

(local agencies and organizations may be added later; in meantime use links above to link to them)

Other web links


Ohio’s Materials Exchange
(forum administered by the Ohio Association of Recyclers fostering lawful exchange, reuse and recycling of otherwise waste industrial materials; through available/wanted ads parties are connected)