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Agriculture Educator

Job Title: 
Agriculture Educator
Company, Organization, or University: 
Greenacres Foundation
Cincinnati, OH

Greenacres Foundation is a highly motivated service organization focused on using the assets of Greenacres to provide custom-designed hands-on active learning opportunities for children of all ages. All opportunities are customized to the needs of the visiting group which primarily consist of local school groups from K to 8. All school-based programs are tied to the national and/or state standards so that they contribute to the success of the classroom teacher.

In 1988 we focused on Environment Education, had one employee and provided hands-on programs about riparian zones for 60 children. Each year we provide programs based on the environment, generative agriculture, equine, and classical arts to over 32,000 visitors. Our programs are of the highest quality. They should be. Quality Quality Quality (QQQ) is a core value.

Our dedication to our values: Grace, Good Neighbor Policy, and Green cannot be overstated. Our employees strive to be the best of the best and flourish in a team environment where outcomes are the result of teamwork. Greenacres is not just a place to work – it is a career, a lifestyle, and a place to exude passion for the Mission and Vision of our Founders – Louis and Louise Nippert. We are here to serve the community and change the lives of children.

Agriculture practices are on a continuum. Conventional agriculture, which makes up most of the production in the US, is driven by yields leading to an input-intensive, specialized approach focusing on soil chemistry rather than soil biology (i.e. soil as a living, biological ecosystem). Organic agriculture, currently less than 2% of American farmland, varies in scale and practice - ranging from soil health-centric to degenerative in nature. Organic agriculture, at scale, is likewise dependent on external inputs, albeit in natural forms such as manure, compost, and approved pesticides and herbicides. Heavy tillage - which leads to the loss of top soil, interrupts the water cycle, and negatively impacts soil biology - is often a requirement for organic crop production. The goal of regenerative agriculture is to replenish the health of degraded soils by following a set of soil health principles including minimal tillage, increased biodiversity and year-round plant cover. A key aspect of regenerative practices is integrating livestock into cropping systems - a reversal of the segregation and specialization brought forth by conventional agriculture. A key difference between regenerative and organic/sustainable practices is the ability to minimize the requirement for external inputs.

A Generative approach to farming focuses on biological cycles, not chemical inputs, to increase the productivity of our soils. Through this approach we continuously build health and resiliency into our land and production system. Greenacres chooses this path because we do not inherit the land from our grandparents, we borrow it from our children…and we must repay that debt with interest.

We employ the most curious and brilliant people. Our ideal candidate will be passionate about the Mission of Greenacres and our values. They will have a firm grasp of agricultural practices, as well as a desire to give back to the community through education. The Educator role is a team position that will drive GAF to new heights through hands-on interactive activities with our school group field trips and week-long summer day camps. At Greenacres, we are lifelong learners who believe in the holistic management of grass-grazed livestock, intensive regenerative gardening, and a focus on improving the health of the soil without the use of synthetic fertilizers.

If you enjoy collaborating with teachers and creating educational programming that gives students an exciting and enriching experience on a real working farm, you might be a Greenacres person.

Application Deadline: 
Friday, March 25, 2022
Application Instructions: 
Please complete an application and upload a cover letter and resume at
Alayzia Scherer