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PT Sustainability Project Coordinator: Resource Conservation

Job Title: 
PT Sustainability Project Coordinator: Resource Conservation
Company, Organization, or University: 
University of Dayton
Dayton, OH

This position will be considered temporary part-time, no benefits, working May - December 2021.

The Hanley Sustainability Institute (HSI) is searching for a recent graduate to join our team as a project coordinator focused on resource conservation projects. A recent undergraduate or graduate student available for 30 hours/week during summer and fall 2021 is preferred. HSI currently hosts a project coordinator (Spring 2021) with our energy team and an additional 12+ undergraduate student sustainability leaders addressing waste diversion, the campus garden and pollinator prairies, energy conservation, and student peer education.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to engage in multiple components of HSI’s sustainability work, but will primarily focus on providing leadership in composting and waste diversion, garden production, and establishment of native pollinator planting areas. In addition to facilitating HSI student leader teams in these areas, the coordinator will support hands-on learning and volunteer opportunities related to compost, waste, garden, and native plantings. This position works closely with the HSI campus waste and growing teams and works in coordination with Facilities Management, Dining Services and additional campus partners. The position is limited to 30 hours/week. The successful candidate would preferably have an academic or professional development interest that is resonant with sustainability. HSI project coordinators have the opportunity to develop and manage new initiatives within the scope of campus sustainability that support their professional or academic interests.

Over the last five years, HSI has developed a cross-disciplinary network of innovative people and projects, stimulating and supporting dynamic collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Education and Health Sciences, School of Business Administration, the University of Dayton Research Institute, Facilities Management, and within the community. Students from all programs at the University of Dayton are encouraged to apply.

Roles and Responsibilities

30 hours/wk

* Provide leadership and coordination of the HSI campus waste team, facilities management and dining services with respect to optimizing collection and transportation of campus organic waste, on-campus composting, recycling, zero waste initiatives, and researching best practices for waste diversion. Current waste team projects include:
* Student Neighborhood and Dining Services Composting Programs including support of Flyer Enterprises composting efforts
* Optimizing Waste Diversion including coordinating waste audits, zero waste events and outreach and education
* Supporting outreach, education, and coordination for Dining Services reusable container programs.
* Provide support and coordination for the campus garden, including building a student and staff volunteer base, coordinating with Facilities Management, Dining Services and Catering, and the Farmer’s Markets initiatives, and becoming proficient in garden management.
* Provide hands-on support and coordination in the management of the campus native pollinator prairies, including controlling invasives, site preparation, herbicide application, manual pruning and trimming, and providing educational opportunities.
* Engage student volunteers to work on campus sustainability projects, especially including campus waste team, garden, and pollinator prairie projects.
* Represent HSI in sustainability outreach events.
* Mentor, as part of the HSI student leaders program (leaders and volunteers)

Application Instructions: 
This position is open until filled. To apply, visit:
Katie Schoenenberger