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General Energy Links

Agencies and organizations

Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 
(invests in clean energy technologies by trying to create a center for the clean energy economy; government information and news regarding renewable energies)

Ohio Development Services Agency: Office of Energy site
(Advanced Energy and Efficiency programs are available to businesses who aim to improve their energy efficiency or deploy renewable sources)

Ohio Environmental Council
(Ohio’s most comprehensive, effective and respected environmental advocate for clean energy sources; promotes their work on clean energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, communities & energy and fossil fuels.)

Ohio Department of Aging-Energy Assistance
(online energy assistance programs and information help older Ohioans meet the cost of rising cost of energy)

Ohio ECO-Link
(partnership between the State Treasurer of Ohio and participating state banks that provides a 3% interest  rate reduction for five or seven years on  bank loans when completing  energy-efficient upgrades in your home)

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
(provide energy and water conservation tips for a house owner who is looking to decrease their energy and water consumption while reducing their monthly energy bills)

US Energy Information Administration
(provide a detailed map of energy sources in the United States by showing the location and the type of energy source; gives detailed information on plants characteristics and energy output per year)
(link for current energy and environmental news around the United States)

White House-Energy
(White House’s administrative views and news relating to energy sources, the environment and climate change; link provides a federal one year progress report)

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
(informative guide that describes distribution rates of energy sources in Ohio especially the distribution rates of Vectren Energy of Ohio which is a natural gas provider)

Conservation Services Group
(designs and delivers cost-effective energy efficiency programs to help millions of homeowners save energy; focus on engaging with customers to make smart energy decisions)

Ohio Energy Project
(educational website that aims to facilitate students’ and teachers’ understanding of the science of energy and its efficient use in order to empower the next generation of energy consumers)

Sierra Club-Ohio Chapter
(pursue to promote clean energy sources by launching conservation campaigns to address environmental issues in Ohio which are caused by non-efficient energy sources; delegates meet business need while being sustainable in an environmental sense)

Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization 
(promotes the urgent transition to sustainable development and renewable energy sources; aims to improve peoples’ lives, protect the environment, and preserve our planet’s resources for future generations)

International Energy Agency
(consists of 28 countries collaborated as an autonomous organization that work to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy; focuses on four main areas: energy security, economic development, environmental awareness, and engagement worldwide)

Natural Resource Defense Council
(promotes the development of renewable energy sources in Ohio and in the nation; states renewable energy statistics for each state in the United States which allows citizens to see how “green” their respective state is)

The Ohio State University: Office of Energy and Environment
(strives to advance global solutions through research, education and research; site contains energy and environmental news, professional related events, research news and opportunities, and Ohio State’s effort to become a sustainable campus)

Energy Foundation
(partnership of investors who aim to support and promote clean energy technologies; strives to improve energy efficiency with buildings, transportation, public power, and China)