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Climate Change Links

Agencies and organizations

World Environment Organization climate site
(top 100 climate change website links, annotated)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UNEP. WHO  
(international body for assessment of climate change; provides world with scientific view on current state of knowledge in climate change and  potential environmental/socio-economic impacts)

World Meteorological Organization
(UN voice on state/behavior of Earth's atmosphere, interaction with oceans, climate it produces and resulting distribution of water resources; topics A-Z; climate data)

World Health Organization climate change health effects site
(potential effect on human health, for instance by altering the geographic range/seasonality of infectious diseases, disturbing food-producing ecosystems, frequency of extreme weather events; many links)

Center for Disease Control
(climate and health site)

US Climate Action Network  
(largest US network of organizations focused on climate change; networking; advocacy/policy development at state/regional/ federal/international levels)

US Dept. of Transportation
(transportation and climate change clearinghouse)

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (formerly a PEW Trust Center)
(promotes action/policy addressing energy and climate change; environment/technology, science, blogs)

National Wildlife Federation
(leading the way in bringing attention to impacts of global warming on natural world since within 80 years 20-30%of world's plant/animal species will be on brink of extinction because of global warming; effects on wildlife/habitat; policy solutions, more)

National Center for Science Education climate site
(provides information/resources for schools, parents, citizens working to keep climate science in public school science education)

Environmental Health Watch
(addresses health concerns related to urban/industrial environment; a focus on climate change)

Office of the State Climatologist at Ohio State University 
(collects, archives, disseminates, interprets climate data for government, public, private users; provides education/expertise on issues pertaining to weather/climate; many web links)

Ohio State University Office of Energy and Environment
(what OSU is doing on and off campus; links; researcher links)

Midwest Climate Research Center
(services/research to better explain climate/impacts on Midwest;  provide solutions to climate problems; info on Midwest issues: agriculture, climate change, energy, environment, human health, risk management, transportation, water resources)

Union of Concerned Scientists
(Ohio/Midwest climate change information; links)

Great Lakes Regional Assessment for climate change
(one of 19 regional assessments by U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP))

George Washington University's Climate News Resources' 53 Sources for Climate Change News and Realistic Ways You Can Combat Climate Change, Today 

American University's School of International Relations Finding Hope in Climate Engineering