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Policy-making and Regulations Links

Agencies and organizations 

Earth Justice 
(with partners uses communications campaigns, policy/law review, and litigation to protect land, water, wildlife, and the public’s right to a healthy environment)

Earth Policy Institute
(plans for global sustainable future and roadmap (including policies) of how to get there; publishes “Plan B” analyses of environmental issues and EcoEconomy Indicators to track progress)

Natural Resources Defense Council
(uses law, science, grassroots to protect health and natural environment; blogs, reports, testimony/comments, legislative analysis)

The Center for International Environmental Law
(works to strengthen and use international law/institutions to protect environment, promote human health, ensure just/sustainable society;  Biodiversity Chemicals Climate Change Human Rights and the Environment International Financial Institutions Law and Communities Trade and Sustainable Development)

Center for International Sustainable Development Law
(promotes sustainable societies and protection of ecosystems by advancing understanding, development, implementation of international sustainable development law)

International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
(partnership of government and non-government enforcement and compliance practitioners from > 150 countries; dedicated using regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to guide compliance with and enforcement of environmental laws/regulations that promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of ecosystem integrity at the global, regional, and national levels)

Environmental Law Institute
(seeks to protect environment through improved laws and governance worldwide; publishes Environmental Law Reporter, The Environmental Forum, and the National Wetlands Newsletter)

Environmental Law and Policy Center
(organization for public interest environmental legal advocacy and for eco-business innovation; affiliated with Ohio Environmental Council and its legal clinic in Ohio)

The Ohio Environmental Council
(Uses legislative initiatives, legal action, scientific principles and statewide partnerships to secure healthy air, land, and water; operates law center in link below)

Ohio Environmental Law Center
(uses analysis, advocacy, and education with partners to achieve goals; part of The Ohio Environmental Council at link above)

Environmental Working Group
(seeks to identify threats to health and environment, and find solutions – often through policy)

United Nations Environmental Program
(assists governments in obtaining environmental information for decision-making, enhancing global and regional environmental cooperation, developing and applying national and international environmental law, advancing national and regional implementation of environmental objectives, and bridging major groups and governments in policy development and implementation processes) 

U.S. Dept. of Justice Environment and Natural Resource Division
(brings cases against those who violate ~150 federal civil and criminal pollution control laws; defends environmental challenges to government programs/activities; represents stewardship of natural resources and public lands; acquisition of property; brings/defends cases under wildlife protection laws)

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations
(codified federal regulations published in the Federal Register)

US EPA Laws and Regulations site
(laws, regulations, compliance, enforcement, policy/guidance by topic area or business sector)

Ohio EPA laws and rules
(quick access to all Ohio EPA laws and rules for all programs)

LAWriter for Ohio laws and rules
(links to all parts of the Ohio Revised Code (laws) and Ohio Administrative Code (rules)

Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (Ohio)
(legislative committee that coordinates review of agency rules; can recommend legislative disapproval)

State of Ohio Senate and committees

State of Ohio House of Representatives and committees

State of Ohio and links to agencies A-Z

Ohio Attorney General
(click “Environmental Enforcement” for staff link; click  “Opinions” for searchable database)

(free, open-source non-profit, non-partisan public resource site; all aspects of US Congress; project of Participatory Politics Foundation which encourages civic engagement)

The Nature Conservancy
(with staff/scientists, and partners, collaborates globally to conserve lands and waters upon which all people depend; acquire/manage lands)

(international environmental and policy advocacy organization)

Wildlife Conservation Society
(saves wildlife and wild places, manages >200 million acres globally and 5 parks/zoos in NYC; policy advocacy in related topic areas)

US Fish and Wildlife Service, Dept. of the Interior
(from left side of web list of Programs/Resources, click Congressional affairs, law enforcement, policy and directives)

(local agency and organizations may be added later; in meantime try links above to link to them)

Other Web links

Gongwer News Service, for Ohio
(provides subscribers (fee) independent, comprehensive, accurate, timely coverage of issues in  government/political systems; coverage of every bill in Legislature; tracks activities of executive/ judicial branches; monitors state elections)

Ohio Environmental Law Blog
(insights and commentary for the business and legal community; published by former OEPA director Joseph Koncelik)