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Clean Air Links

Agencies and organizations

National Association of Clean Air Agencies
(links to state/local agencies and federal; >200 links to broad range of topics and organizations:  general (business/industry, federal, state/local), ag, air pollutants (haze, mercury and toxics, ozone, particles), enforcement/compliance, funding, measuring/modeling/monitoring, global warming, multi-pollutant scenarios, new source review, training, vehicles and fuels)

US EPA Office of Air and Radiation
(federal side of topics above under NACAA; administer Clean Air Act, Atomic Energy Act; links)

US EPA black carbon site
(At request of Congress, EPA conducted an intensive effort to summarize available scientific information on climate and health impacts of BC; status, effects, mitigating)

Ohio EPA Division of Air Pollution Control
(ensures compliance with federal/state laws/rules; links to District Offices and local/regional Air Pollution Control Agencies under “Select a Topic” then scroll to District….; operates air monitoring network; auto emissions)

Ohio Air Quality Development Authority  +Coal Development Office
(finances air quality facilities; tech assistance/news for emissions, energy efficiency and green energy)

Local air quality current conditions/forecasts sponsored by federal agencies, and tribal, state, local agencies. (Also links to air quality education resources.)

US EPA indoor air quality
(info on asthma, mold, radon, CO; educational resources)

Clean Air Task Force  
(dedicated to reducing atmospheric pollution through research, advocacy, private sector collaboration; Resources, fact sheets, presentations; 1 of 4 satellite offices in Columbus) .

American Lung Association
(works to save lives by improving lung health/preventing lung disease: education, advocacy, research; web Healthy Air:  at home, school, outdoors, work sections; enter zip code/link to state/local offices)

American Lung Association, Ohio
(offices in Columbus and Cincinnati)

Natural Resources Defense Council (air quality issues, news, advocacy)

Union of Concerned Scientists (USA)
(works for healthy environment/safer world; combines scientific research/citizen action to develop innovative, practical solutions and to secure responsible changes in government policy, corporate practices, consumer choices; focus: energy, nuclear, clean vehicles, air, climate change, food/ag)

World Health Organization (arm of the United Nations) (focused on outdoor and indoor air quality and health impacts)

Other Web Links

Lawrence-Berkeley-Livermore National Laboratory  (outdoor and indoor air quality educational modules for middle and high school students)

National Geographic  (pollution source quiz and brief other content)

Desmog blog  (Farron Cousin’s blog focused on air pollution and climate)