Past Events

  1. May 12, 2015 (All day)

    Toward a Sustainable and Resilient Economy - A Brief Overview of an OSU Discovery Theme with Christine Deye (Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams), Joseph Fiksel (OSU Sustainable and Resilient Economy Discovery Theme)  

  2. Apr 9, 2015 (All day)

    Stopping the Next Amphibian Apocalypse with Joseph Mendelson (Zoo Atlanta) and Joe Greathouse (the Wilds)

  3. Mar 10, 2015 (All day)

    Blueprint for Urban Water Security and the Alliance for Watershed Stewardship - Tools for Local to Global Action with Lisa Wojnarowski Downes (The Nature Conservancy and Alliance for Watershed Stewardship), Dax Blake (City of Columbus Division of Sewerage and Drainage)

  4. Jan 13, 2015 (All day)

    “Sustaining Scioto” – Planning for Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources of the Upper Scioto River Watershed with David Rutter (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission), Lisa Jeffery (Brown and Caldwell)  

  5. Dec 9, 2014 (All day)

    Connecting Central Ohio to Nature and Adventure - Partnerships Among Outdoor Retailers, OSU, and Other Organizations with Matt Hartman (OSU OAC Director)

  6. Nov 12, 2014 (All day)

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Environmental and Ag Applications Take Flight with Gil Bohrer (OSU Dept. of Civil Engineering), Scott Shearer (OSU Dept. of Agricultural Engineering)  

  7. Oct 14, 2014 (All day)

    Ohio's Water Resources and Citizens at Risk - Ag-related Practices and Policies to Prevent Harmful Algal Blooms with Jeff Reutter (Ohio College Sea Grant Program)

  8. Sep 14, 2014 (All day)

    Challenges and Opportunities: Achieving Ohio's Clean Energy Potential with Kate Bartter (OSU Office of Energy and Environment)      

  9. Aug 12, 2014 (All day)

    Pests and Invasives, Fragmentation, Changing Markets - Do Ohio's Forests Need Foresters or Magicians? with Bob Boyles (ODNR)

  10. Jul 8, 2014 (All day)

    Plants Make the World Go 'round: Why We Must Protect Our Native Ecosystems with Jim McCormac (ODNR Division of Wildlife)