EPN Breakfast Club - December 2015

Dec 15, 2015 (All day)


Tapping into Social Media, Green Investing and Other Tools to Fund Your Environmental Project or Enterprise

The landscape is changing rapidly for ways to seek financial and other support for projects, programs, and products, environmentally-focused or otherwise. Traditional sources may be challenged whereas newer methods may yield better results, quicker, and also allow stronger connections to people and funders in your community and beyond who may be interested in your current and future endeavors – if they are treated appropriately. But many people are poorly versed in best ways to access and use these channels, often social media-based. Another important dynamic is the blurring of lines separating private, for-profit companies and non-profit charitable organizations. This EPN breakfast will help you and your organization navigate this changing landscape and how to survive and even prosper in it.      




Moderator and overview presenter:  Stephanie Boron, Financial Services


Dan Sharpe, Community Researcher and Grants Management Officer, The Columbus Foundation

Christopher Brown, President, Trident Design, LLC


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