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Emerging Contaminants and Our Water Resources

Mar 5, 2019, 7:15am - 11:45am


Experts are steadily finding new or previously unrecognized contaminants in our waterways and drinking water systems, yet their risk to human health and the environment are not yet fully understood. These emerging contaminates come from a variety of sources, including our everyday consumer and pharmaceutical products, such as sunscreens, soap and medicines. Some are naturally occurring, but become more problematic when excessive nutrients are loaded to surface water through human activity.  There are potential environmental and health risks associated with many of these contaminants.

Please join this panel of experts–Dr. Andy Lindstrom, Ms. Sarah Lowe and Dr. Wayne Carmichael–who, along with their respective state and national agencies, are seeking to improve our understanding and management of several emerging contaminants affecting the state of Ohio.

These panelists, along with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s recently appointed Director Laurie Stevenson, will address some of the emerging biological, chemical, and particulates pollutants in our state. This EPN Breakfast program will feature an extended educational session, facilitated by the Water Management Association of Ohio, Ohio Water Resources Center, and TerrAqua that will engage these experts to discuss specific contaminants.

Collaborators: Environmental Professionals Network(EPN), Water Management Association of Ohio(WMAO),Ohio Water Resources Center(OWRC), andTerrAqua (a cross-disciplinarystudent organizationat Ohio State University and affiliate of WMAO)


Amy Klei, Ohio EPA Chief, Division of Drinking & Ground Waters, provides an overview of emerging contaminants in Ohio 

Comments and moderated Q&A by Dr. Linda Weavers with panelists

Wayne W. Carmichael, Andrew B. Lindstrom, and Sarah Lowe

Dr. Jeff Sharp, closing comments and conclusion

EPN Breakfast Series

The Environmental Professionals Network hosts a monthly breakfast series with compelling speakers on important innovative topics at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on Ohio State’s campus - open to all!