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City of Columbus GreenSpotLight 2016 Awards and OSU, Columbus, GreenSpot – Working Together for Sustainability

Apr 12, 2016 (All day)

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Image of EPN Event on April 12, 2016

The Ohio State University and the SENR Environmental Professionals Network host City of Columbus GreenSpotLight 2016 Awards and OSU, Columbus, GreenSpot – Working Together for Sustainability


Andrew J Ginther (Mayor, Columbus) and Aparna Dial (Columbus Department of Public Service)




Coffee, tea, juice, fruit, yogurt, networking


Student team and exhibitor EXPO;  Visit a few organization and co-sponsor exhibits plus interact with nine ENR/AEDE 4567 capstone course Sustainability Goals Project teams presenting their projects*


Warm Buffet Breakfast

8:45 - 9:40  

EPN Program:  OSU, Columbus, GreenSpot – Working Together for Sustainability


Welcome, Jeff Sharp; Emcee Aparna Dial


OSU’s commitment to sustainability, Columbus, GreenSpot, new sustainability goals and new projects and programs at OSU; Aparna Dial                                                  


OSU EEDS major/capstone projects:  pathways towards careers GreenSpot-related Municipal Building Energy Management project; Scott Semroc


New MyGreenSpot metrics tool, GreenSpot Backyards overview ; David Celebrezze                                


GreenSpot neighborhood project (Friends of Sawmill Wetlands); Michelle Shinew


Wrap-up; Aparna Dial


GreenSpotLight 2016 Recognition and Awards;  Andrew J. Ginther, Mayor, City of Columbus


Wrap-up awards program; mingle and network


Attendees are invited to interact with nine student research teams from the capstone course of the EEDS major (Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability),  who are tackling a range of challenges related to the recently developed Sustainability Goals of The Ohio State University.  These projects aim to generate viable proposals to implement sustainability solutions on campus, and each team is collaborating with a set of operations partners who oversee the various domains of sustainability at OSU.  Attendees will be asked to select three teams to visit (in a group) for up to 20 minutes and offer brief written comments, suggestions, ideas for stakeholders/experts to contact. The research teams and their projects are as follows:

1.  AASHE STARS: Platinum by 2018

James Heinen, Brandon Swanzer, Sammie Keitlen, Remy Pascine, Evan McElhinny (partners: Aparna Dial)

2. Leaky Pipes, Leaky Wallets: Water Savings through Steam and Condensate Return

Yidan Wang, Luke Treece, Luke Howard, Katie Dorow, Heather Bell (partners: Aparna Dial, Patrick Smith, Kent Halloran)

3. Local And Sustainable Food: Capstone Course Proposal

Kori Goldberg, Graham Spangler, Anne Fruth, Andrew Goldsword, Alayna Reckner (partners: Zia Ahmed)

4. Wexner Medical Center Electricity Energy Reduction

Landon Kimble, Jenna Grayson, James Rabal, Daniel Grainger, Conor Long (partners: Tracy Wilcoxon, John Rappleye, Patrick Smith, Michael Schmit)

5. OSU Medical Center Waste Reduction Proposal

Ryan Hallowell, John Berger, Jaymes StClair, Daniel Woda, Christopher Donohue (partners: Tracy Wilcoxon, John Rappleye, Patrick Smith, Michael Schmit)

6. Ohio State Green Purchasing Policy

Lizzy George, Kristina Bomberger, Kaitlyn Williams, Haley Noll, Brian Trainor (partners: Russ Chung)

7. Buckeyes for Buckeyes: Increasing the Tree Canopy on OSU's Main Campus

Veronica Havran-Vena, Ryan Ludwig, Kennedy Kowalski, Anna Madrishin, Anna Koontz (partners: Steve Volkmann)

8. Creating A Zero Waste Culture: Responsible Reuse And Recycling

Taylor Faecher, Nicole Ratliff, Laura Hagler, John Johnson, Austin McKinley (partners: Tony Gillund)

9. Pilot Compost Project At OSU's RPAC Facility

Marina Zahran, John Kominko, Brianna Stack, Alex Judkins, Ryan Thomas (partners: Tony Gillund)


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