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Beyond Boundaries, Rural, Urban, Political - Acting on Shared Interests Can Promote Prosperity and Sustainability

Dec 5, 2017, 7:15am - 10:00am

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Relatively rapid growth of urban centers even during periods of economic downturn has often led to competition and even resentment over private and public investments by those in more rural areas, some of which are losing population. Economic situations vary widely across rural and urban areas around Ohio and beyond, but there are examples of shared interests that cross these boundaries, indeed need to cross these boundaries, to broadly increase prosperity and sustainability. These include economic development, water quality, transportation, and workforce development. Attend this EPN breakfast program to learn how to move beyond boundaries and hear of success stories in Ohio and elsewhere that promote shared values and recognize the many levels of interdependence across rural and urban areas – valuable lessons that could foster cooperation in our own communities.


Suzanne Dulaney - Executive Director of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio 


William Murdock - Executive Director, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission 

Jeff Sharp - Director of OSU's School of Environment and Natural Resources 

Debbie Lieberman - Montgomery County Commissioner 

Steve Stolte - Union County Commissioner/former County Engineer