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Environmental Career Ambassadors (ECA)

The Environmental Career Ambassador (ECA) Initiative was created by the Environmental Education Council of Ohio (EECO) and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency with the assistance of the Ohio State University School of Environmental and Natural Resources.
This career initiative was created to address various needs in Ohio. For instance, there is an emerging need to prepare students in fields emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for careers in today’s high-tech economy. This initiative will also aid employers looking to hire professionals in environmental science and engineering as there is a reported shortage of qualified applicants. Requests have also been made from schools and career centers looking for business professionals to provide role models and diverse work-place experiences for their students. 37,070 students were reached through the career initiative in the most recent year. For additional statistics on this initiative then please click here. 
Through this initiative, EPN members can volunteer to introduce Ohio high school students to careers in environmental science and engineering. EPN members can select the activities they might want to be involved in by checking Career Ambassador on their EPN member profile. Once an EPN member becomes a Career Ambassador, teachers and career counselors will be able to contact them through the EPN to invite them to speak to students in local schools, schedule field trips, or whatever activities are selected based on the level of interest and availability of the Career Ambassador. 
More information about trainings and tool kits for classroom presentations will be available soon. If you would like more detailed information or answers to specific questions, please contact the EECO Executive Director at
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